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Mobile phone Strap and Neck Lanyard

Neck lanyard
Neck Lanyard, Mobile phone Strap plays two roles as a protection and an accessory of your cell phone.
This item has been neccessaries for everyone who has cell phone.
Actually, Lanyard(Phone Strap) is not accessory just for cell phone and interchangeable covers, but also for other items such as PDA, Camera, Player, USB Disk, Pen, Bag or for your other collections.

Mobile phone Cleaner and Screen Cleaner

(314) 339-3353's back cloth is made of high technology polyester, which is the multi-purpose cleaning cloth, bringing you Micro Fiber technology to clean your sensitive Mobile phone, Computer Screen, Digital Camera, Handhold Gamer, PDA, etc..
It can cleans oily film, finger print and other residue on wide variety of materials with no soaps and detergents.

Hand Bags and Leather Items

Hand Bag
Leather Items and Hand Bags can hold and protect your Mobile phone or PDA, Camera, etc..
And, more OEM leather kits and Hand Bags can catch your various order, make it exactly as your products size.

Man-Power Generator and Cell phone LED Flasher series

Man-power Generator
Cell phone LED Flasher can be easily stuck or hung onto user's cellular phone. The LED lights gets flashing when user makes or receives a call or SMS.
It's a favourite small ornament, suitable to all GSM and CDMA cellular phones. For some models of Cell phones, Mini Flasher Sticker can work without any batteries.

--- OEM Projects are welcome!

Mobile Cleaner & Screen Cleaner

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